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Technology and Innovation is evolving faster than ever before. Today, it is changing how, when and where we work. This gives us new options we didn’t have before to help us achieve our 4 freedoms in new ways:

1. Time Freedom: The ability to work when we want to

2. Financial Freedom: The ability to earn to our maximum potential.

3. Location Freedom: Work from any location we want to.

4. Personal Freedom: Do what we want, when we want, with whom we want.

If your current career is missing purpose. If you are not achieving the 4 freedoms. If you want to be valued, appreciated, creative, respected and impactful; a career in Solar Energy as an Independent Representative for the fastest growing solar company in America, may be the place for you.  Success comes with a plan and implementing action.  We can help you succeed. Let’s see if you qualify.

Do you want to build a profitable business and make an impact?

Join the solar energy industry, one of the most incredible business and legacy opportunities of our era.

POWUR created the 1st solar energy virtual platform, providing you with the technology, training and mentorship you need to run your own successful solar company.

With our virtual solar platform you will:
– Sell solar whenever and wherever
– Develope 5 different streams of income
– Accelerate the adoption of renewable energy worldwide
– Become a world class leader and solar energy rockstar.

If you’re ready to become part of the fastest growing residential solar platform in the country, then click here:


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other states across the USA

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* This is not an offer of employment.  All candidates will be interviewed for a position of Solar Advisor and if accepted as an Independent Representative of POWUR PBC, the applicant will be compensated as a 1099 contractor.  The Entrepreneuer will be responsible for all taxes as required by your state and federal laws. Medical benefits are not included. Fees may apply to each representative as outlined by POWUR PBC terms and conditions, including a one time $99 processing fee and a monthly $49 technology fee. This small cost to start your own business in solar is very affordable. For existing business owners looking to onboard their company, the Powur Enterprise solution may be best for you. Contact me for details.